APL-5 Series

APL-5 Series HKC 

• Enclosure : Weatherproof IP67/NEMA4,4X,7,9 (Standard) IP68 (Option)

                    Explosionproof: E EX d IIC T6, E EX ia IIC T6,E EX d IIB T6

• Solid and Compact design.

• Shaft holder built in the cover (Dual Shaft)ดูเว็บ

    Easy to set the visual position indicator.

    Unique design to put the visual indicator on the threaded joint type cover.

• Bolts on visual position indicator.

• Dual Cable entries : 4 x 3/4" NPT (Standard)

                               M20, M25, PF3/4", PT3/4" (Option)

                                                                                  • Terminal Strips : 8 points (0.08-2.5 mm²)

                                                                                  • Captive cover bolts & Spring loaded cover bolts

                                                                                      No worry to loose bolts while cover open & Unique design to hold bolts inside cover

                                                                                  • Easy mounting bracket

                                                                                      NAMUR standard stainless steel shaft and stainless steel or steel bracket.

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